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Chris Collier

Chris Collier



I was born on the 4th of April 1987 in Stockton - on – Tees, UK. At the age of 6 I moved to Barnsley with my mother, Maureen Collier, who was setting on a journey to become an artist and art teacher. From a very early age I was inspired by my mothers work and always knew that I wanted to venture into the art world. I would travel the country with her to all kinds of exhibitions and arts and craft fairs. My father, John Collier, was also very creative in art and music and he inspired me to want to become a musician also. He worked away in Saudi Arabia for 11 years, in that time I took on his vinyl collection and from around that time, at the age of 13, both music and art started shaping my world.
In my earlier years in education I studied art and music at Holgate School and Honeywell College in Barnsley. I was actually quite terrible at both and suffered terribly with my nerves. I was definitely better more so in art as I was able to express myself more that way, but my works in both art and music, in my opinion, wasn’t that great. I wasn’t at the age where one would usually “find them self” and found it hard to come to grips and understand my own emotions. I just wanted to please my teachers and parents and that is not what expression is about.
It wasn’t until many years later that I found my skills in art whilst working in a call centre in a stressful and timed working environment. I would draw in-between calls and was pulled to one side on many occasions as it began to affect my stats. I didn’t care. I found my way to escape and I knew I wasn’t going to stop for anyone. In 2 of my originals ‘Cherry Blossom’ and ‘Unbeleafable’ you can see office related text and black printed lines through the paper. These images were drawn on any office paper I could get my hands on. Some maybe put off by this. To me it displays my natural attempt to escape the mundane. Beauty marred with grids, stats and linear systems. I have since left the grasp of office work and have decided to work solely on my art and electronic music production.

Stationed Observer is the name I gave to our existence. What I believe could be one mind, one that we are all part of as a whole, but also as fractured individuals. A shared dream if you will. I use this name for both my art and musical creations. It simply means: All living creatures within the observable universe and beyond, the one mind, us.
In my earlier office days the main idea behind my art was purely to escape. The content of the image didn’t really matter just as long as I had a sheet of paper and a biro to draw with. Over time my art became much more than just about escapism. I decided I would start to draw my dreams, daydreams and other people’s dreams. Nowadays my art is mainly dream based. I dream every night without fail as I have a very busy mind and I find dreams to be the perfect fuel of inspiration for the fire. I like to create my pictures using ink, pencil and acrylics. I love the bold thick blocks of color that acrylic can provide while ink and pencil can be manipulated to create various emotions of both beauty and terror.


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