Chris Collier




Title: Lamone
Year: 2010
Size: 21x24 cm
Technique: Blue Biro (Complete with food stain)


Lamone: This piece was created roughly over the period of 2 weeks. Painstakingly drawn using 2 blue biro’s bit-by-bit in-between calls whilst working in a call centre. Lamone prowls the Quiver’s Motel, an otherworldly motel universe owned by manager Motel Quivers, where many of my characters and images of liminal spaces reside. Is Lamone truly lost or just looking for himself? Nobody knows…
Lamone is one of my earliest works based on my own dream world. It was also drawn at a time when I suffered the most terrifying sleep paralysis attacks on a regular basis. The name came from a time where I misheard a dear friend of mine saying the word ‘lemon’, misheard as ‘Lamone’. In one of my other pieces called ‘The Layer of Bone Green’ Lamone’s name is written on the front of one of 6 lockers. I accidentally wrote his name with a lower case L to look like ‘lamone’. My mother misread it as ‘I AM ONE’. Very poignant indeed.