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Lost and Found
Chris Collier

Lost and Found



Title: Lost and Found
Year: 2022

Size: 42cm x 27.9cm

Technique: Biro, Colour Pencil & Acrylic

10 years down the line to the previous piece, ‘Stress!’, we can see a very similar structure in relation to rigid geometric surroundings. Each block carefully hand drawn and filled with information. In, ‘Stress!’, the words can be found by aligning the individual sectioned off letters going forward, back and diagonal. A frantic multi-colour crossword puzzle built from confusion, loss and misery. In, ‘Lost and Found’, something has changed, and for good reason. The words are clear, separated individually inside red bricks and decided with more care and precision. This drawing represents the calm and the knowledge that came with age, diagnosis and medication. In this drawing we can see a character in deep contemplation, but over what? Perhaps in his creations, perhaps in what is yet to come, perhaps in the past, perhaps in the present or perhaps in just everything. The mind is eternal and flows in many ways. As opposed to the character in ‘Stress’, in ‘Lost and Found’, this one is calm, collected, happier and more in control of his surroundings. Instead of being trapped and surrounded by individual squared off letters inside the madness of modern technology, this character has stepped outside and taken control of his destiny. The words are much happier and positive, apart from maybe a few, but what life comes without stress. It is sometimes necessary in order to learn and progress.

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