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Chris Collier




Title: JAM!
Size: 27.9CM x 42CM
Technique: A3 Sketch Paper / Fine Liner and Acrylic


Strawberries have evolved beyond the unintelligence of man, mocking our self-indulgent power-driven ways with their jam as we get stuck in our own of sorts. Forever trawling the product lines, climbing the ranks in the multi systems of mundane work and hierarchy. A linear and pointless need to be number 1. Towing the line and pleasing “The Man”, will anybody climb off and pull the lever? Those who dare are deemed crazy and troublesome, spat back into space earlier than planned, but with remembrance and purpose. Martyrs of sacrifice in the hope for peace and freedom. They may be gone but their good energy will surely return through the embodiment of another, forever providing the good in the balance between order and chaos.

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