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crypto coin.

our richness is to give.

The MADS’s cripto wants to reward art in the uniqueness that has always characterised it.

It does not have the ambition to enter in a speculative market

but faces it as a mere recognition for every art lover.

Creativity three-dimensionally articulates our life, guaranteeing us a concreteness in its intangibility.

Ready to receive your MADS COIN?

Watch the video tutorial or follow these instructions

  • Open your browser (Google Chrome is strongly recommended)

  • Go to, click Download now and then Install Metamask for Chrome

  • Choose Add to Chrome and Add extension

  • Now you have Metamask installed, open it

  • Click Get started and Create a wallet

  • Flag I agree and choose you password

  • After a short video you're provided with a Secret recovery phrase

  • Reveal your secret words and store them somewhere

  • Confirm the Secret recovery phrase

  • It's done, you have your wallet!

  • From the control panel, click Ethereum mainnet and Add a network

  • Now copy all the data from here and Save

  • It's time to Import tokens and copy-paste the following contract address

  • 0xfb6c96ba292c8fd4f5bfb99f32cf5c7d20617059

  • Finally you are ready to receive your MADS coins, just click and copy your account address

  • This is the address we need to send you your MADS coin!

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