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Chris Collier




Title: Mustard
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Technique: Fine Liner, Felt Pen and Coloured Ink


In my mid 20’s I would often go for an early morning swim at the local baths, where to my joy and also despair, not a soul was to be seen. On entering the pool by myself I would realise my dilemma and begin praying once more that reality would not tear. That the swimming pool wouldn’t turn to sea before my eyes. It was a deep irrational fear that I would suddenly be left in the presence of a lurking shadow beneath my feet, miles from land where nobody would hear my screams. I would often wait for someone else to turn up to the pool before I could start to swim. A fully grown man. Imagine that.
Originally this piece belongs to an 8-part story board (Viewable on my Instagram page: whereby my dreamworld self, encounters a demonic doppelganger in a twisted kitchen whilst trying to get the last scrapings of mustard from a nearly empty jar. In escaping up a step ladder through a hatch in the ceiling, I find myself falling to a shark infested sea of mustard. My only option to swim down with a key in order to resurface back through the ceiling hatch to the kitchen. On return I would squeeze the mustard-soaked clothes into the empty mustard jar and hence my journey was complete. Until the mustard ran out again of course.

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