Simona Elia
Digital artist

Simona Elia

Digital artist


Grown in Paestum, a major ancient Greek City, in Magna Graecia, she has soon started to be in-volved in the struggle between eternal and perfect classicity and the decaying consuming power of time. Battle of supremacy between Past and Future built up her sense of emotional intensity, melancholy, search for “Real Beauty” and investigation on the vibrating connection among hu-man things, art and nature. Some sort of Jungian panistic sense of Life appeared. She started to be interested in Psychology, Brain functioning and Neuroscience. This led her to start drawing, painting, writing poems and winning many national and international prizes. On the other hand, intrigued by rules and perfect order of numbers (as in classical art-works proportions), she looked at Mathematics and Physics as very elegant and powerful tool to describe and modify reality: contemporary man and its technology can elaborate signals, store pieces of information, manipulate things, design, create and product artifacts thanks to them. Thus, she graduated cum laude in Electronic Engineering and then she obtained a PhD degree in Information Engi-neering with a thesis on nanotechnology applied to neural stimulation. Lately this background pushed her to approach contemporary art preferring digital paintings, while all these different fields of knowledge started to appear connected leading to a global e personal vision of our fragmented life. Her works meet halfway betweea a hyper-realistic approach and Symbolism, where pieces of thing depicted in fine details or reported as they are undergo a process of par-tial distortion: perfection of realism breaks against the wall of a subjective re-elaboration.
Painting Exhibitions or Video-expositions:
-“BUDAPEST ARTEXPO –Biennale Internazionale dell’Est” 2019. Paintings included in “Artisti 2020-Annuario Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea”- MONDADORI
- “Premio Michelangelo”, Roma, July 2021 (Vittorio Sgarbi in the jury) Painting included in the Art Magazine “ARTNow- Promotore di Creatività” March 2021.
-Selected for Art 3f Fair in Haute Savoie by QueenArtStudio Gallery (October 2021)
- Biennale di Arte contemporanea, Visual Poetry, PALAZZO MERIZZI, Lombardia, Italy.
-Selected for ”Object d’Art”- Exhibition by “The Holy Art”, a London based organization, curating photography & art exhibitions in the UK and abroad (held in London 15-21th October 2021)
-Selected for Premio Internazionale Isabella d’Este- FERRARA ARTEXPO, with Vittorio Sgarbi (2021)
-”Virtual Gallery Margutta” by Casa Editrice Pagine 2021/2022 (under publishing)
-Selected for “Artisti 2022-Annuario Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea”- MONDADORI STORE, by Luca Beatrice, Angelo Crespi,Vittorio Sgarbi and Edoardo Sylos Labini.
Works by Elia S. will be part of the introductory section named “Crespi Museum” edited by the art critic Angelo Crespi for EA-ARTNow (2022, under publishing). This section is dedicated to great art masters of the past mixed with selected works by a few contemporary artists.
-Selected for “Primo Tour Biennale d’Europa” (www.tourbiennaledeuropa) that will be held over different Europe Capitals during 2022 in four steps:
· Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), 21st - 23rd October 2022, for “Art Shopping Louvre”
· Gomis Palace (Barcelona), 18ht -20th November 2022
· Sleek Art Gallery (London),13rd- 17th December 2022
· Palazzo Scuola Grande di San Teodoro (Venice).
-Selected for joining the auction session on the 20th of January by ARCHIVIO STORICO CASA D’ ASTE (CS), Italy.