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Simona Elia
Digital Artist

Simona Elia

Digital Artist


Born in Salerno, in 1981, graduated with honors in Electronic Engineering, she obtained a PhD with a thesis on nanotechnologies applied to neurostimulation. Always interested in the functioning of the brain, psychology and art, she has given birth to a large production of paintings and lyrics, awarded at about forty national and international literary competitions, some of which are included in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Poetry 2017, published by Mario Luzi Foundation, as result of the selection for the homonymous International Award. She has published a collection of her compositions with Aletti Editore “Frammenti d’identità”, with a preface by Alessandro Quasimodo, well-known actor and son of the famous poet, who performed one of his poems "Sunset on the Tana degli Arabi" within a project of the aforementioned publishing editor. In 2021, First Place (both in the Narrative Section and in the Poetry Section) at the National Poetry and Narrative Award "WRITING IN C.I.B.O. - Identity Cuisine of the Villages Nowadays"; Second Place at the National Prize of Naturalistic Poetry "City of Castelbuono", First Place at The National Prize of Poetry San Martino-Versi tra le Stelle”, August 2022. Her poems have been translated into foreing languages as English and French within International Anthologies presented in London and Paris.

Her paintings often show or gently suggest a fragmented (distorted) reality where the perfection of realism breaks against the wall of subjective re-elaboration of reality through the vibrating soul of the artist. Thus strips, segments, breaking points, replication/multiplication or explosion of faces into pieces have started to appear in her works. These patterns reconcile the realism with symbols fusing reality with elements useful for its interpretation. They talk about contemporary dissociation between the inner parts of humans. Outside versus inside. Inside as a fragmentary contraddictory world. Strips as curtains partially unvealing and partially distorting reality.

Videoexpositions or Physical Exhibitions:
-“BUDAPEST ARTEXPO –Biennale Internazionale dell’Est” 2019. Paintings included in “Artisti 2020-Annuario Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea”- edited by MONDADORI and- among the others- Vittorio Sgarbi.
-International Art Exhibition “IT IS HUMANITY” BANGKOK 2019.
- “Premio Michelangelo”, Rome, July 2021 (Vittorio Sgarbi in the jury). Painting included in the Art Magazine “ARTNow-Promotore di Creatività” March 2021.
-Selected for Art 3f Fair in Upper Savoy- QueenArtStudio Gallery (October 2021).
- Biennial of Contemporary Art, Visual Poetry, PALAZZO MERIZZI, Lombardia, Italy.
-Selected for ”Object d’Art”- Exhibition by “The Holy Art”, a London based organization, curating photography & art exhibitions in the UK and abroad.(London 15-21th October 2021)
-Selected for Premio Internazionale Isabella d’Este- FERRARA ARTEXPO, with Vittorio Sgarbi, 2021.
-Selected for PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE MICHELANGELO, July 2021, Roma Eventi - Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy.
-Participation in the Internatonal Contemporary Art Exhibiton : “I” The world revolves around ME, videoexhibition, organized by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery 28 th January – 3rd February 2022 at the same time in Milan (Italy) and in Fuerteventura (Spain).
- “Green”, International Virtual Art Exhibition 20-30 May 2022 by Galleryone962, Abstract Art Promoter, Online Art Gallery for Abstract Artists, .
-Premio Artista dell’Anno a Bruxelles 2022.
-Participation in Giorgio Mondadori “Modern Art Catalog- CAM”, edition n.58,2022.
-Participation in the Contemporary Art Review "Milano ART & FASHION WEEK" at the largest and most important Business Center in Milan: Unahotels Expo Fiera Milan (Italy), on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, organized by PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery.

-Selected for “Primo Tour Biennale d’Europa” (www.tourbiennaledeuropa), international exhibition in four steps:Carrousel du Louvre (Paris), 21st - 23rd October 2022, for “Art Shopping Louvre”, Gomis Palace (Barcelona), 18ht -20th November 2022, Sleek Art Gallery (London),13rd- 17th December 2022
Palazzo Scuola Grande di San Teodoro (Venice).
-Exhibition by MADS Art Gallery at the end of the year 2022, held at the renewed Casa Milà, La Pedrera, by Antoni Gaudí (Spain).
-Reviewed by Vittorio Sgarbi in the prestigious critical art collection “Porto Franco” , 2023.
- Selected for the "First Biennial Tour of the USA”, to be held in Capitol Ballroom of the Holiday Inn of Washington, Spectrum of Miami, LA Art Show of Los Angeles and Artexpo of New York.
-Selected for PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE MICHELANGELO 2023, by “ARTNow-Promotore di Creatività”.
-Selected for magazine publishing and blog interview by team.


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