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Smells Like Live Spirit
Simona Elia

Smells Like Live Spirit



Title: Smells Like Live Spirit
Year: 2021
Size: 90cm x 120 cm
Technique: Digital Painting over a collage of images of raw and cooked food

Paraphrasing Nirvana, this painting “smells like LIVE spirit”. It comes out as a digital paint-ing over a collage of images of raw and cooked food fused and elaborated in a fashion of characters blinking with the liveness of their little eyes in mixing with a stylized combina-tion of human nose and sensual lips. This is an example of how the search of the artist lately brought her to compose collages of common everyday life objects reinterpreted and “re-elaborated”, painted over, distorted or coloured or unconventionally fused, con-veying totally different meaning to things. This explores her new and personal semantics: the mashup of features from digital paintings and re-elaborated fragments of reality cre-ates some sort of “augmented reality” where the artist expresses her inner world cast on-to her specific perception of the “outside”.
Here the central focus is on the concept of bringing life again also to pieces of fried fish mixed with raw meat (but ready to be cooked) and juxtapose them to human “pieces of flesh”. Everything lives and lives again and again forever in a sort of uninterruptible cycle that still smells of LIVE SPIRIT.

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