The Clown
Simona Elia

The Clown



Title: The Clown
Year: 2021
Size: 120cm x 123 cm
Technique: Digital painting over a collage of images of ancient written paper

In the collective imagination the burning dichotomic relationship euphoria/sadness sweetness/cruelty niceness/ugliness perhaps finds its utter iconic representation in the clown's figure.
Here, as it usually happens for the paintings of the artist, a total unbalance/distortion of proportions and an intriguing misleading asymmetry of the face features symbolizes contemporary man issues: his doble-face nature. He struggles to show all his “lights” putting himself on a virtual continuous stage, just as the clown does, at the same time discards and tries to conceal his true shadow sides. Therefore the picture partially unveils and partially distorts reality. Underlying this painting, there is the idea of “code” and symbolism. The typical features, gadgets and garnishment of the clown (in this case the clown is female as the eye suggest) are codes of sadness but still try to induce hilarity: here they are even exaggerated to highlight this duality codification. The idea of something untold, that needs to be investigated is conveyed by the choice of ancient bizarre characters, as well as the latin alfphabet letters that appear reversed, almost creating a pattern along “mute lines of pentagram” (no notes on them) and the absence of the second eye, an element usually recurring in various works of this artist.
She often integrates declaredly symbolistic elements with highly detailed hyper-realistic parts: humans refuse to see things as they are, they make up reality, invent religiuos comfortable constructs to quiet their craving for answers, they invent myths, legends to cope with their vulnerable inner world. Codes and symbols are a way to tell without telling because truth sometimes is not totally compatible with life.