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Zazu Rodriguez

Zazu Rodriguez



Zazu Rodríguez is a Spanish contemporary artist based in Madrid, Spain. She received her education from several Universities including Hunter College (New York), Universidad Nebrija (Madrid) and NYFA (New York), although she considers herself as self-taught in both her professional and artistic life. Her first drawing as a child was a mosquito.
“The fact that you don’t draw chestnuts or princesses at school is interesting - because it disturbs, and therefore it sells” – she says. This is how she took her first artistic steps.
For that reason, apart from her own visual artwork, she helps creatives and visual artists to build and curate their brand identity that they then can use to legitimize themselves in the artistic field – in the same way she has done it.

Zazu Rodríguez's creations speak about reflection, introspection and the following of a poetic minimalist flow to end up creating something great out of things that form part of every-day life. To her, the interaction of objects is the perfect language through which she can - in a deeply personal way - create her particular creative world. A mixture be-tween photography, placement, objects and custom typography with a message that can - and does - take over multiple senses. She belongs to that new batch of contemporary vis-ual artists whose work shows the way to beyond the aesthetic sense.


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