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I don’t understand it either
Zazu Rodriguez

I don’t understand it either



Title: I don’t understand it either

Year: 2021

Size: 18x13x3 cm (frame included)

Technique: Object assembling

“Ricardo Rousselot used a wooden stick to “write” on the ground without actually knowing how to write. When he was told that those words meant nothing, he nervously replied: " I've written this message, so it has to mean something". This is my best work so far regardless the quality criteria of the viewer. Back on my days working on corporative branding campaigns I knew that success depended on the intelligibility of the message. However, it is difficult not to use a bit of your own language, and that ́s why I always used to end up dancing between the client ́s request and my least corporative self. I found out that pulling up with that situation for so long was not only frustrating, but it was also slowly burning my soul to the point of making me feel guilty about reflecting those very personal touches on other ́s works. Sacrifice. When you feel you want to say something, knowing that your language (whichever it is) contemplates it, just explain it, don ́t ask. Don’t be afraid to explain yourself, remember that you are the arrow, and there is nothing that others have to necessarily understand. I felt very thankful after hearing this sentence by Rousselot in an interview for Domestika, since I could feel the impact of the nail on the trajec-tory of this arrow. The arrow which wants to send a message that never truly arrives. The “I don ́t understand” hits you so accurately that you could melt with it. I then understood how the risk of no longer being an arrow is just getting in the way of the nail.”

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