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Make some time: The resistance
Zazu Rodriguez

Make some time: The resistance



Title: Make some time: The resistance

Year: 2021

Size: 21x16x3 cm (frame included)

Technique: Object assembling

“Why do we call it “hacer tiempo” (to build time) when in reality it means getting busy wasting it? Putting up resistance so we don ́t feel the existence of a space we don ́t want, precisely when we need it most. That ́s the mother of all paradoxes. My tech teacher used to call the springs "resistors". Since then I haven ́t been quite able to associate that quality to an abject that is not necessarily being subjected to a force. Few years later, I was having a conversation with my sisters when one of them used the term “resistance” to explain the existence of an intangible and opposed force which is put on an object simply due to its natural tendency to move forward. Although she probably meant something different than what I understood, it helped me to materialize the display of one of the biggest paradox about time: “building it is actually resisting against it”.“

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