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Naoki Hanayama

Naoki Hanayama



My name is Naoki Hanayama.
In April 2014, graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts Special Makeup Department, Special Modeling Major
In April of the same year, started painting independently
In December 2016, all four paintings exhibited at the open call exhibition "Shusai Exhibi-tion" held in Tokyo were selected, and one of them received the New Face Award (the winning works are described in the explanation of the exhibited works).
* In addition, my name at this time is Nova Lotty
In 2017, he changed his name to Naoki Hanayama.
In May 2018, he held his first solo exhibition, "Naoki Hanayama Exhibition Half Blood" at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo.
In September of the same year, the work "GABA" was selected at the public exhibition "Jun Exhibition" held in Tokyo.
In 2021, his painting "Friday-Glowing Breathing" (F30) was selected for the "Gunma Youth Biennale" held at the Gunma Museum of Modern Art in Gunma Prefecture. It will be exhibited from July 17th to August 22nd.


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