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Friday - Shining breathing
Naoki Hanayama

Friday - Shining breathing



Title: Friday - Shining breathing
Year: 2020
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Size: F30

The fifth piece of the series of Life | Gunma Youth Biennale Exhibited Works
This is one of a series of works.
The theme of the series is "to build your own production and expression style in various forms using the smallest unit that expresses the cycle of life, which is [1 week]."
When I capture the flow of work and life on a weekly basis, it does not look good instead, but there is always a change every day, and I consciously responded to the change and was directly influenced by it. I thought that if I could make a work, I could change my expression style in various ways.
To some extent, this series of works required the accumulation of awareness of daily rhythms, and it took time to produce.
In this work,
The production deadline is set from April to the end of December 2020, and up to that point, "I will change it endlessly without aiming for something specific."
I took a production method that I had never done before.
When you get a new idea or image through your eyes, put the completed form at that stage in that image.
I have something to imagine, but in this production, I don't want to be overwhelmed by the pictorial structure of the temporary finished form.
I repeated it many times with an awareness of image decomposition and reconstruction.

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