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Harvest Festival
Naoki Hanayama

Harvest Festival



Title: Harvest Festival
Year: 2016
Size: 116.7 x 80.3 cm
Technique: Acrylic, oil painting, pastel on canvas

A work with the theme of "activity". Produced with an expression technique that mixes painting materials such as oil, acrylic, and pastel. How to express natural expressions (mountains, water, atmosphere, etc.) from various Western paintings and graphic artworks. Inspired by it, I was particular about giving it the decorativeness of Japanese painting. I aimed for a literal bright work that would make me feel better whenever I saw it.
This work was selected for the "Shusai Exhibition" held in Tokyo in 2016, and was exhibited together with the other three exhibited at the open call for participants exhibition.
Name of other winning works:
1. "Duvon De Soljeala" size F50
2. "In the rainy season, I don't notice tomorrow, yesterday" (This work won the newcomer award at the same open call exhibition) Size F30
3. ”No magic" size P50

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