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Cristian Diez Sanchez
Visual Artist

Cristian Diez Sanchez

Visual Artist


Born in Santiago, Chile
Early Background: he grew up working with copper in his family's arts and crafts business, which introduced him to the world of sculpting.
Education: After completing five years of academic studies in architecture, he moved to Barcelona in 1976.
Professional Journey: Initially, he started working as a designer to make a living in Barcelona. This brief stint in design evolved into a 30-year career where he worked in various roles, including industrial designer, graphic designer, and image consultant. he also worked on housing renovations for several years and managed a website for tourist apartments.
Transition to Sculpture: In 2014, he realized it was time to bridge the gap between his arts and crafts background and his desire on sculpture. He embarked on a new path as a self-taught apprentice in sculpture, primarily using cardboard and recycled materials, which were cost-effective for creating prototypes.
Artistic Aspirations: His goal in sculpture has always been to create large-scale exterior sculptures. He then realized that all the preparation work carried out was directed towards a project that would give meaning to their interests. And the Urban Sculpture Project started taking shape.
The Urban Sculpture Project aims to extend the sculpture in all directions so that it can reach corners where live art has never been seen. A way to extend culture by outsourcing art from the closed circles where it moves. Placing sculptures without barriers that can serve as company in dehumanized cities

Sculpture in the street is culture. Art as a tool to equate inequality.


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