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Cristian Diez Sanchez




Title: WHY ME
Technique: Cardboard model.

From the Series "God's will or the madness of man"

This work belongs to the Series in which I work with the brutality of man against his fellowmen.
It keeps coming back and it looks like with no end.
This work is dedicated to the war in Ukraine; to all the children and adults who have died in this insane killing; to all children and adults who have needed to fled because of the war and now they are far from their homes with no clear future; to all the wounded that have suffered this constant bombing; to all the destroyed cities that now have been turned into ruble, and fields and work places; to all the misery that this burnt-out policy has generated; to all the people that are fighting to defend their land in a battle of Goliath against the giant.
The question needs to be why, and even more closely, "Why Me". We are not free of responsibility and we have to assume it as if it as our own.

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