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Eugenio Tocchet

Eugenio Tocchet



For 40 years I have worked in the world of communication and marketing (10 employed by a leading international company and 30 as CEO of a communication agency) gaining photograph-ic advertising and editorial experience, among other things. With my fine art photos, I created prestigious large-format calendars concerning places of worship scattered across 5 continents and contemporary paintings for the furnishing of exhibition stands in the furniture and design sector, heating (Salone del Mobile Milano, Progetto Fuoco Verona). Currently I manage a site well positioned in the Italian market, for the sale of my fine art photos for paintings on canvas or other materials as well as complete paintings with customized designs and formats ( I have also written two books, one on marketing, published by Tecniche Nuove of Milan and a non-fiction novel ( that inspired my paint-ings, published by Amazon Publishing. For 10 years I was also mayor of my town of residence. Having now more free time, I decided to focus more on my artistic passion: creating contempo-rary paintings "painted with the camera", taking care of the overall design of the work, experi-menting with particular materials and finishes such as matt or glossy resin.

Artist’s statement:
I create contemporary paintings "painted with the camera", on canvas, special papers or other materials, often encroaching on the apparent abstract ... texture of the invisible. Probing the sensational, sometimes invisible, micro and macro, present around us, inside us, in nature and in the most common objects, is the spring, the motivating energy. I like to look "with other eyes" at the works of nature and man to discover the greatness, often not perceived, of existence and fix it in a painting going beyond the purely objective datum, to immerse myself in that web of the invisible that you can only see it with other eyes. The liquid, mobile and dynamic universe, which thrives on reverberations, becomes the privileged subject of only apparently abstract paintings, in which the micro takes on the significance of the macro and the image is trans-formed into a perceptive sensation free to flow from one point to another of the surface. A plas-tic bottle, a rusty sheet metal, a broken glass, a leaf, a reflection become, through the selection of evocative details, stages of a story full of meanings, invisible to a superficial glance, alluding to another dimension.


• 04 May / 16 June 2019 personal exhibition with 70 paintings entitled "NEVER BY CASE / Im-ages and words in synergy" at the Gianni Ambrogio Foundation in Mareno di Piave (TV). The exhibition was sponsored by the Municipality, the province of Treviso, the Veneto region. The inaugural event saw the participation of over 250 people (see "Exhibition" on the website:

• From 01 to 15 February 2022 participation, with 8 works, in a collective exhibition at the Spa-zioporpora gallery in Milan

• From 04 to 18 March 2022, personal exhibition at the Spazioporpora Gallery in Milan

• May 2022, in Arona on Lake Maggiore, participation in a collective (details to be defined)

• September 2022, in Milan, participation in a collective (details to be defined)


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