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Eugenio Tocchet




Title: Screpolature
Size: available in 2 sizes: 70 x 105 cm, 100 x 150 cm + 5.5 cm of reflected edge on the 4 sides to wrap the 3/4 cm thick frame without having to cut the subject) or with customized dimensions (NFT on request )
Technique: fine art photos printed in 6 colors on Premium Satin cotton canvas

As a rule, only the fine art print is supplied together with a PDF document with instructions for the framer in order to complete the picture according to the examples of frame and frame shown on the website under the heading "Custom paintings". Upon request and after contact with the author, a complete picture of everything can be provided, customized in size, materials, frame design, optional finishes (museum glass, paint, matt or glossy resin, etc.).
On request, exclusive single copy works are available (complete paintings or fine art print only or with NFT certificate) whose price will be defined based on the characteristics of the work itself.

A transparent crystal, an anvil, a hammer, a well-aimed blow, to look inside the glass, to discover unexpected features, to let its soul out. Colored lights paint random transparencies, indefinite shapes, unknown, real, abstract landscapes, painted with the camera. Crystal souls ... weft of the invisible.

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