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Eugenio Tocchet




Collection: Square ethereal dreams
Technique: Digital illustration printed with Fine Art technique, in an exclusive single copy, on 11-color cotton canvas, long-lasting pigments, Satin transparent protective varnish, subject size 70 x70 cm + white lacquered wooden frame without joints and visible hooks.
Size: 70x70 cm
Year: 2023

Critical text by Senior Art Curator Silvia Grassi

Exploring reality, delving into its deepest intricacies, observing every detail, asking endless questions, seeking answers—this is what drives an artist to create works of art. This is precisely the motivation behind the artistic challenge undertaken daily by Eugenio Tocchet: to discover the weave of the invisible through his artworks.
When asked about his one true desire, the ultimate goal in life, Eugenio responded with these words: "I can't imagine a more plausible answer than the one residing in the weave of the invisible... observed with different eyes." His scrutiny and interpretation of the surrounding reality serve as his greatest source of inspiration.
Nature's extraordinary creations and humanity's sensational discoveries, the inseparable connection between man and the universe, form Eugenio's starting point, leading him into absolute contemplation. Yet, he goes beyond empirical and immediate observation, examining every detail with a profound, inquisitive gaze that captures the essence and evokes indescribable emotions, conveyed only through his art. He investigates what often seems invisible to the eye but is, in reality, right beside us—awaiting illumination through the eyes of the soul. Thus, Eugenio captures that magical moment, preserving it forever in his work.
Eugenio's passion for art has accompanied him through life and travels, defining him as a "Digital Fine Art Creator" utilizing various techniques, from digital photography to AI-generated software and Fine Art printing on diverse materials. Each technique is ultimately directed towards producing a physical artistic creation.
Visual art is his way of communicating with and expressing themes close to his heart. Amidst life's problems and unpleasant situations, Eugenio aims for his artworks to be a safe refuge, a place to find light in darkness and joy in moments of fear and sadness.
His creative process is intricate during the phases of ideation, design, and realization, yet instinctive in conveying the intended message. Eugenio identifies a theme beforehand, develops the entire project through text, then creates the artworks, meticulously considering materials, dimensions, and supports.
Eugenio's artworks represent a perfect blend of digital and physical/tangible art. The transformation from digital to physical, through careful material design, combines the high quality of digital art with the craftsmanship of traditional art, resulting in truly unique pieces. Each artwork has an exclusive copy, personalized in subject, dimensions, frame, and finishes, reflecting Eugenio's belief in the uniqueness of spaces and individuals.
For Eugenio, the purpose of his artworks is to provide a tangible visual experience, enjoyable over time in our daily living or working spaces, stimulating the mind, body, and spirit.
The presented collection, "Square Ethereal Dreams," consists of individual artworks created through digital techniques, strictly in a square format. These works express their potential individually and when juxtaposed with others from the same collection in compositions of various sizes. 1 In this collection Eugenio envisions and brings to life unique, colorful, potentially boundless universes inhabited by diverse creatures ready to engage with us. The artworks create a bridge between us and the vastness of the infinite, guiding us to explore the unknown around and within us, fueled by imagination and profound feelings.
Each artwork is a celebration of details, with every detail "imagined as an ethereal dream." Eugenio seeks to explore the depth of life, the infinite universe, the world, and nature in each piece. Every artwork tells its own story, a unique and inimitable world, a unique way of seeing and thinking—a facet of the incredible world created by Eugenio's imagination. In front of each artwork, observers are compelled to delve deeper, scrutinizing every detail with their gaze and exploring beyond what sight alone allows, opening a window to a new, ethereal world, ultimately being drawn into these "ethereal dreams" reaching towards infinity.

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