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Mackenzie Maisel

Mackenzie Maisel



Mackenzie first got her start in art by taking studio art lessons at the age of twelve in Cincinnati, Ohio. Classes quickly led to commissioned based work alongside the development of her portfolio.
At the age of seventeen Mackenzie attended the Art Institute of Chicago’s summer program, and began her journey of developing her artistic voice through education. Receiving scholarship offers from some of the leading art schools in the country, she decided to attend the University of Cincinnati to receive her BFA from the DAAP program.
Mackenzie’s artistic practice has been continually enriched by her jobs and intern-ships while at school. Developing her skills in a range of disciplines, from art therapy, art business, marketing, luxury fashion, collection management, cinematic production, assisting art appraisals, assisting in collection research for books, and art historical research. These experiences have furthered her art making skills and her presence in the art community.
Mackenzie is currently advancing her art career while in New York City. Most recently she has been focused on combining the different outlets of her creative expression through her practice in the form of oil painting and digital work. Mackenzie’s work is diaristic and aims to give an empathetic communication to the viewer of personal mediation through research. Her expressive work is densely layered in composition and is enhanced by contextual display of data


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