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Mackenzie Maisel




Title: Metanoia
Artist: Mackenzie Maisel
Technique: Acrylic
Size: 30"x24" 2

"Metanoia" by Mackenzie Maisel is a work rich in symbols and significant visual elements. The predominant colors, pink and blue with their various shades, contribute to creating an intense chromatic atmosphere. The work has an almost gridlike organization, where all the elements are interconnected, and the lines extend towards different focal points. In the top left corner, there is an image of Christ surrounded by other religious symbols present in the artwork. The presence of these elements suggests a spiritual or religious theme that permeates the work. There are two represented trees: one with a lush green canopy and a strong trunk that sinks its roots into the ground, surrounded by yellow and luminous lines that move
away. Next to it, there is a completely different tree, depicted in pink, with a brain in place of the foliage and swirling lines around it, symbolizing uncontrollable energy. These trees can represent the duality between nature and the human mind or between strength and creativity. The background depicts a tumultuous sky, adding a sense of dynamism and conflict to the artwork. Below the surface of the work, the tree roots join what appear to be nerve centers, suggesting a vital energetic system that permeates the earth and the world. This representation suggests the interconnectedness of all forms of life and the importance of a harmonious balance. The presence of people, water, and a river represents life and vitality. A white
staircase emerges from the ground, reaching towards the sky and leading to a small white castle, symbolizing a kind of paradise or ideal destination. Overall, "Metanoia" invites viewers to reflect on the connection between spirituality, nature, the human mind, and the cycle of life. The artwork represents a symbolic journey and encourages each individual to interpret its symbolism based on their own experiences and perceptions.

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