Roberta Pignanelli

Roberta Pignanelli



If you are looking for a painter who seeks clean lines, heavenly perfection or academic acco-lades, move on to the next one. I prefer my paintings brimming with raw energy and street-worn, rough around the edges. Rooted in the earth.
I don’t like to say I am self taught. Every one and every thing informs me every day.
There was a time when I ached to please my teachers, painted murals on windows and walls and lectured anthropologists about color and consciousness.
Now I am free of bosses and the need to impress anyone.
I paint to explore evolving emotions and dismantle the barricades blocking the view. I paint to discover what forms and colors will filter through an active and generous inner universe. And I paint so I will have a place to sing and dance in unfettered bliss.

Artist Statement
Nothing makes me happier than spoiling a pristine white canvas with a colorful mess of goo-ey acrylic paint. Time and gravity, sticks and scrapers furiously work together and the louder I sing the more worldly cares are forgot and contrasting areas come together like magic, faster than the speed of thought.
Barren beige landscapes don’t interest me. I reach for life’s stories in blazing undiscovered countries of color, sometimes outlining umbilical windows to suggest worlds beyond what is seen. With nubby nylon bristles on a stick, I search for rules and theories in order to find out what happens when I break them.
If you find yourself curious about my paintings, take your time exploring. Discoveries will be made. Like fairies in the woods, the storytellers and imagination generators re-veal themselves only to playful, open minds. Once you see them, they can not be unseen.
Self taught?
All of life informs me. Mother Earth oversees my continuing education, and every painting is a degree compiled layer by layer, some taking much longer to earn than others.