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Past Brooding
Roberta Pignanelli

Past Brooding



Title: Past Brooding
Year: 1/15/22
Size: 18,8x11,8
Technique: multi-layered acrylic painting on canvas,

This painting was an easy birth, but one of those babies that arrive looking old and experi-enced.

It’s me where I am as a 62 year old woman, past brooding over lost youth, limitless energy and fleeting beauty as well as past the age of brooding/mourning the procreation of human off-spring.
I search for meaning in developing shapes. A turtle, a parrot, a dove, greet me among the tan-gle of umbilical cords, eggs and ovums. We are uniquely connected in our precious female pow-ers, and would not trade our shared feminine perspective for that of the men at any price.

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