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mechanisms: machine dream iii
Marcelo Soria-Rodríguez

mechanisms: machine dream iii



Title: mechanisms: machine dream iii
Description: Part of a series exploring human-machine emotional response. Machines don’t have intent, for a long time until artificial intelligence yields systems that have their own wishes and desires. Until then, human-machine collaborations can actually generate emotions in humans. What do machines feel like? Do they have anything similar to that, nowadays? This series initiated with an experiment where I combine a short poem or text with a portrait of an emotion, seeking to provoke an emotional response in the viewer who will fill in with their own experience. I wrote about that collection in this article:

Format: unique generative digital artwork made with Processing, looping video 1920 x 1080 mp4. Will be available as NFT on the Hicetnunc platform as a unique copy, if some-one buys the artwork the NFT will be transferred to her/him to guarantee uniqueness of ownership.

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