Passion of the Sea
Kay Gibbons

Passion of the Sea



Work Details - Passion of the Sea This painting represents my own passion to create in a sea of creativity . A surge of energy erupting from a reflection and awareness of the world, transposed onto paper , into glass or clay , as an interpretation of my inner response. I was inspired to paint this painting but I was in a place where I was unable to create with a brush so I created an image crafting words on paper - the words constructing a semantic drawing . I had written a poem on the theme of the continuity of life as seen in ‘Seahorses‘ being pulled by Selene , Greek goddess of the Moon . I work intuitively. I laid a watercolour wash and drew horses galloping and rushing through the ocean , symbolic of waves cresting and falling - white manes falling and rising to the pull of Selene’s reins . A sense of urgency and continuity ; a response to the innate motion of Nature’s force . Such is my artistic journey - an inner compulsion to create as a response to the pull of outer inspiration The work developed in such a way that the ‘Seahorses’ seemed to disappear amidst the crushing waves to be replaced by a whale/ dolphin bursting out of the ocean to dance upon the waves . This is my process - it starts with an idea , it takes a creative stroll and meander and ends its journey in a quite different place . A movement of the pen , of the brush , of the hand as a response to the artistic energy within . Many paths are laid bare on the one journey and plentiful stories for the onlooker to behold. This is my journey .. an impulsive passion and burst of creative energy in the Sea of Creativity Watercolour and ink on paper 34 x 30 cm Artist: Kay Gibbons