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Alexandra Piras

Alexandra Piras



42 year.

French artist of Italian origin.
I am from the 3rd generation of Italian immigration to France.
These influences had an impact because I rocked between two cultures.
I studied psychology.
Paradoxically, this allowed me to express through art a more in-depth research into human
Since childhood, I have always liked to create, to enter an abstract world.
I am purely self-taught.
My art is characterized by a deep search for my strong emotions.
Observing the outside world is very important to me.
From these observations emerge creative, vivid and instinctive ideas.
It expresses a representation of space by a sensation, emotion, vibration.
In each work,
I'm looking for something lively and instinctive, natural, current and chaotic.
Bring a structure into this disorder like a natural assembly of the elements.
The colors, the founding elements of the canvas, will gradually draw the textures that I will
accentuate by progressive touches with the spatula to leave a strong and definitive imprint
on the whole and bring the final emotions and vibrations to the paintings.
"Life is a passage,
works of art are its imprints”.


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