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Light Through the Bamboo Forest
Yen Hui Chen

Light Through the Bamboo Forest



Size: 41 x 31.5cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

Critical text by Senior Art Curator Salma Eltoukhy

"Light & Peace," dives into the serene realms of light and meditation through a collection of meticulously painted oil canvases. Highlighting pieces like
"Light Up the Lantern of Hope" and "Light Through the Bamboo Forest," this exhibition invites viewers into tranquil scenes where light plays a transformative role, symbolizing hope and renewal amidst serene natural settings.
Each artwork serves as a meditation on peace and the profound tranquility of the natural world. Chen's mastery in capturing the delicate interplay of light and landscape encourages a contemplative dialogue with the viewer, providing a momentary escape into realms of quietude and reflection. The inclusion of works like "The Winter Village of Fairy Tales" adds a narrative depth, suggesting timeless tranquility in mystical settings.
Yen Hui Chen's style, characterized by soft brush strokes and a harmonious palette, perfectly complements the themes of light and peace, earning her accolades for not only technical excellence but also for the emotional depth and calmness her work evokes. This exhibition stands as a testament to Chen's ability to weave light and peace into the canvas of nature, inviting all who view her work to pause, reflect, and appreciate the quieter moments of life.

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