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La gran ciudad de Barcelona
Gayatri Ghorpade

La gran ciudad de Barcelona



Title: La gran ciudad de Barcelona
Year: 2016
Size: 36.22” x 39” (inches)
Technique: Acrylic on canvas

This art work was painted by the artist while she was living in Barcelona in 2016.It reflects the vibrant cosmopolitan coastal city of Barcelona, a city which is close to the artist’s heart : her favourite city. Bright vibrant colours are seen covering the entire canvas in a sort of structured and unstructured abstract form.The vibe of the city is very evident in this work of art. It also reflects on the artist’s state of mind at that time. This work evokes a feeling of joy, happiness, freedom and excitement.It is indicative of the fact that the artist was en-joying her freedom to explore her artistic journey and create new experiences which is a contrast to the challenges and restrictions she faces in her own country.

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