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Akira Terada
Digital Artist

Akira Terada

Digital Artist


Born in Osaka in 1996.
2020:Graduated from Kinki University (KINDAI UNV) graduate school.
Feb. 2022: Starts working as an artist. Active in Japan and abroad.
Jan. 2023: Awarded the "gallery seek prize" at the "4th artist new gate".
May 2023: Selected as one of the four press release artists for "ANA NFT" by "ANA", a leading airline company in Japan.

I create photo-collages and glitches based on the concept of vizualisation of noise, distor-tion, discomfort and disorder in cities and landscapes.
By making familiar landscapes a little uncomfortable, there is a completely different and new world out there. Noise always exists in the landscapes you see, and what do you feel when they are transformed into art and made visible to us? There are probably different emotions held by different viewers, and the theme and concept is also to make them hold these 'diverse emotions'.


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