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"441" Crumble City -崩都-
Akira Terada

"441" Crumble City -崩都-



Title: "441" Crumble City -崩都-
Year: 2023
Technique: Photoshop
Size: 5616×3744 px

Nietzsche's will to power weaves individual perspective, shaping a personal worldview. Each individual possesses a unique perspective shaped by his or her own will to power. Distortion acts in this sense as the creator of this personal worldview by creating a rupture in perception, revealing new perspectives beyond mere, mundane reality. This distortion becomes an artistic signature, defining the work of Akira Terada. The glitch defies perfection, embracing error as creative expression while revealing potential different realities, opening consciousness to alternative worlds. Throughout his career, the artist has constantly reworked images and information from our world, masterfully transforming them into something unprecedented: never-before-explored realities that intrigue our curiosity and desire to venture into the unknown. The will to power has taken the guise of glitch and distortion, creating new worlds.

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