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Dina Furrer

Dina Furrer



Dina Furrer (born in 1983) is a photographer based in Tilburg, The Netherlands.
After her graduation from the Photo Academy (Rotterdam) in 2011, she received further training in the field of Fine Art photography. It was then she started her professional journey into the diverse world of photography which still brings her so much enjoyment!
At the moment Dina does a great deal of fine art photography at her studio in Tilburg and her portfolio is quite various, but mostly consists of still life photos and landscapes. There are a lot of different themes in her fine art photography works, ranging from original flower and food arrangements combined with exotic animals, still life pictures and even a chocolate bouquet! `I like creating interesting and original compositions for my photo shoots and enjoy experimenting with colours`.
In the past Dina got a lot of inspiration for her art photography projects from Irving Penn. These days her inspiration comes mainly from within herself, nature and life around her.
Depending on the theme and purpose, Dina adds some artistic elements to the photos that enhance their visual effect or convey a message.


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