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Le Bouquet
Dina Furrer

Le Bouquet



Title: Le Bouquet
Year: 2021
Size: 150 X 100
Technique: Art photography

Le Bouquet is one of Dina Furrer`s most richly-detailed artworks, even though at first glance it may present as just another beautiful flower arrangement. However, the longer you look at this piece, the more secrets you find hidden among the greenery of the leaves.
Dina finds exotic animals fascinating so for this artwork she decided to realise one of her old ideas: collecting animals that do not live together in the wild and put them all together in the same picture, as if they did belong to the same place. The importance of colour and lighting in this artwork plays a major role as it creates the atmosphere of a rainy day in a tropical forest. Dina tried to express herself and her thoughts about certain things through this photographic work. However, what you will see looking at this piece may be different from what she sees. The artwork certainly sends a message, but naturally this message is unique and personal for everyone.

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