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Build a Bridge to your Dreams
Katrina Koltes

Build a Bridge to your Dreams



Title: Build a Bridge to your Dreams
Year: February 2022
Size: 100x70 cm
Technique: 24k gold leaf, and mixed media on gallery canvas

My interpretation:
Do you remember what you dreamed of becoming when you were a child, when life was full of possibility and promise?
There is never a dream too big or impossible to do if only we have determination and courage.
We can take one step at a time, and keep on trying, even when we fail.
Each time we fall we will know what road not to take.
If it seems the distance is too far, we can build a bridge to get across it.
If it seems too high, we just keep climbing till we reach it.
If it seems scary or full of risks, we can gather the courage to face our fears.
We are all capable of achieving the impossible, if only we believe we can do it.

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