Enrica Toce




Title: Alétheia
Year of execution: 2022
Size: 80x100 cm
Technique: Mixed technique on Canvas

As in her scientific studies, also in art Enrica Toce has developed an approach that looks to experimentation and continuous research, including new techniques and colors. For her, Art is freedom of expression, it’s a dance with her own emotions and the artwork "Alétheia" fully represents her artistic poetics. It's a symbolic artwork, full of enigmatic representations, aimed at showing that side of reality that doesn’t allow deceit. Without filters, through an abstract and colourful language, the artist reveals her own vision of space, in which the Truth is the undisputed protagonist. The colors, that represent the sincerity, play with each other, generating abstract images that recall the artist's interiority and that induce the viewer to follow her in her magical dance of knowledge of herself and the world.