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Enrica Toce

Enrica Toce



The artist Enrica Toce was born in Naples on June 16th, 1987. Since she was a child, she had shown curiosity and interest in drawing. Also fascinated by the natural sciences, she graduated in Geological Sciences and Technologies, and then she obtained a second level master's degree in Petroleum Geoscience. She taught natural sciences for several years in various high schools in Modena and then she created her own brand with which she signs illustrations and more. Out of her need for inner research, she approached painting at a certain point, which allowed her to express herself in an authentic way. As in her scientific studies, also in painting she has an experimental approach and continuous research of new techniques and color combinations. Her abstract-contemporary paintings are made using a mixed technique and, in painting, she’s constantly evolving as are her emotions, she let herself be guided by her life experiences, by her introspective and spiritual journey, trying to convey an always positive message. Art for her is freedom.

2023 - "VIFAF ’ 23 Virtual international Fine Art Fair" , WOC Posterus 360 ' s Virtual Fair
2022 - "BRAIN CAKE" ( International Contemporary Art exhibition), Casa Milà, 'La Pedrera', Barcelona, Spain - M. A. D. S. Art Gallery
2022 - “IMAGERIES”, Galleria I l Leone, Roma ( RM). Art curator: Monica Ferrarini
2022 - "GUARDIANS OF DREAMS" - M. A. D. S. Art Gallery
2022 - "DIFESA ALL' AMBIENTE INFANTILE", Hotel Adalesia, Torino ( TO)
2022 - "Orizzonti trasversali" - M. A. D. S. Art Gallery
2022 - "BETTER LIFE: ART CAN DO IT! ( Italian edition)" , Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Divulgarti group



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