Isabel Castelló Ocampos

Isabel Castelló Ocampos



Bio/Artistic Statement

Through her works, Isabel Castelló Ocampos seeks to communicate messages and feelings to the world, regardless of the materials she needs to use to achieve this purpose.

In this way, her work is a range of different proposals and pictorial styles, techni-ques and mediums that will not leave the viewer indifferent.

Isabel extracts elements from everything she observes, reads and hears to meta-morphose them and create a new artwork that helps us question our presence in this world, as well as the influence we exert on our own environment.

She was born in Argentina, where she studied the Fine Arts Degree. In 2001 she settled in Spain with her family and from that moment on, the olive groves, the light and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea are present in her work.

Former Art teacher and Graphic Designer, her interest in the knowledge of New Technologies applied to artistic creation encouraged her to finish the Degree in Audiovisual Communication in 2015.

Her work can be found in both private collections and public foundations in Ar-gentina as well as in the Excellency Deputation Artistic Fund of Castellón, Spain.

Currently, Castelló Ocampos works full time with oil painting, watercolor, acrylic, ink, soft pastels, guesso, mixed media, in his studio located in a small town in Spain, very close to the Mediterranean Sea.