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I can’t stop my thoughts
Isabel Castelló Ocampos

I can’t stop my thoughts



Title: I can’t stop my thoughts

Year of execution: 2021

Size: 1,20 m X 0,80 m (47,2” x 31,5”)

Technical Data: Acrylic on Canvas

Main Features: Great color, texture and dynamism

Styles: Figurative, Pop Art, Surrealism, Modern, Expressionism

Have you ever been confused? We have many thoughts that navigate our subconscious and that are added to those that we generate daily. Many times a clear thought arises that helps us make a decision, but other times that spiral of thoughts dissipates us even more. Who can stop them?

Subjects: Subconscious, consciousness thinking, self-knowledge.

This artwork is inspired by the work of René Descartes, the true initiator of Modern Philosophy.

To the extent that Descartes' philosophy locates consciousness thinking as the central point, both of self-knowledge as knowledge of the world, necessarily excludes the unconscious as a cognitive factor.

In his published work in 1644 and entitled "Renati Descartes Principia Philosophiae", we read: "By the word think (cogitatio) I understand everything that happens in us in such a way that we immediately become aware of it" (Descartes, 1995, p. 26) "From this it is impossible that talk about unconscious thinking ".

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