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The Quilt
Gerrit Hodemacher

The Quilt



Title: The Quilt
Size: 140 x 200cm
Technique: Acryl, Spray, MixedMedia, on canvas

A quilt. Many centuries ago, during a cold spell in England, blankets were sewn from various scraps of fabric to give people warmth. A tradition developed from this. In addition to sewing together, later there was also the sewing of leftover fabrics on top of each other - the so-called patchwork. What particularly interests the artist about the quilt is the fact that the different patterns in the quilt were used to tell stories and string them together. Each pattern stood and stands for a unique story that ends in a big story. This has been the artist's inspiration to paint a great history of the world. The artist leaves the interpretation and interpretation to the viewer.

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