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BOWYI was born and bred in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
She was influenced by her mother who majored in Western art, and she encountered art from young age, and she fell in love with the art.
She practiced many types of art while attending arts middle school and high school, and Oriental painting became her favorite. Unfamiliar ingredients, drawing using ink, and Oriental painting that cannot be expressed on the canvas charmed her, and she decided to major in Oriental painting when she was a high school student.
After graduating the school, she started her own work.
BOWYI who liked to socialize with people since childhood, started to feel interest in the emotion that people feel. Therefore, her works from the early stage are naturally about the motions that she felt, and others must have felt in their lives.
With this as a theme, she held her first individual exhibition <ExH!bit10n>. Her paintings from this exhibition are colorless mono tone drawings using ink.
This is because she likes using ink, and believes this type of expression can reveal the charm and characteristics of Oriental painting that differentiates from other styles.
After her first event, she focused on coloring under the theme of ‘change’ by examining how other’s recognize this theme. Such ideas about sharing and conversation has become the motivation of her opening the group exhibition “Beauty of Stream: For All of Us” in 2021.
This year, she participated in FOCUS ART FAIR : SHARE IDENTITY that was held in Paris Atelier Richelieu in June.
In July, she participated in FOCUS ART FAIR : The sense of colours in everyday life that was held in London Fitzrovia Gallery.
Also, she will hold an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, London on August 13th.
At the beginning, she was inspired by the emotion of herself and others. (She isolates her works as much as possible to not get interrupted.)
However, she came to be interested in what she feels with her skin beyond her emotion, and now, she is inspired by something that she hasn’t experienced (something she could experience or something she will not experience).
According to her, it is dangerous to consider the artistic style before knowing what she would create. She wants to work in favor of her intuition. Furthermore, she believes there is a long future ahead of er. There is so much to explore, and it is depressing to be stuck in a specific creative style and preventing oneself from experimenting. She believes depending on the images that strikes her while shaping her work and her senses for now. As described above, she thinks it is too early to work on a specific style when she has a long career ahead of her.
For her, the most important point when she designs her work is to express herself with her first work that emphasized her desire and emotion.
All of the free expression shapes a form of self-exploration and abundance, thus exchanging the art with visitors. What she sees important is not her works or her intention, but the relationship between her works and the audience who appreciate her works.


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