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Verde mare
Nicoletta Carella

Verde mare



Verde mare
50 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas
The title of the work which means "green sea" shows the expanse of movement that develops throughout the work. The viewer's initial impression is that of being in front of a vast green lawn with hills in the distance and some pieces of yellow grass, but by observing carefully we can capture the dynamism of the waves and the tormented movement of the sea that the artist wants to show us. The strong similarity between the meadow and the sea is due to the grandeur of the landscape which in the common imagination is connected to the idea of infinity that fascinates the human soul. The abstract current meets the romantic surrealism used by the artist to show a sea exactly as it is in his imagination and thanks to which he expresses an inner torment and with which he emerges from the conventional image of the sea and the sea itself becomes an instrument of liberation for the artist.

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