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Beauty and the Beast
Luca Soulos

Beauty and the Beast



Title: Beauty and the Beast

Year: 2019, Ibiza, Spain

Size: 54x65cm

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas
The inspiration for this piece came one hot, late summer afternoon on Cala Contita beach in Ibiza. I sketched a small line drawing on a fold of paper to enlarge in the studio later.
This small beach (Cala) at the base of a narrow stepped pathway down it's cliffs was endowed, among its dwellers, with beautiful women, dressed & naked, all soaking in the sunshine, each in their own World. The Chiringuito on the entry path & rocks was filled with happy socializers & onlookers. The view, ocean, sun, sounds, people, colors & feel, swirled around me as I laid back on the waters edge enjoying it all.

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