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Luca Soulos

Luca Soulos



New Zealand born Artist, living in Ibiza, Spain.

I grew up in a small town on the east coast of New Zealand´s wild South Island.
Life has been filled with Art, Expression and Creation from an early age as both profession & pleasure.
I was formally educated at the NZ institute of Arts, Fashion & Design in Wellington, New Zealand many years ago with a Diploma in Fashion and went on to establish successful clothing brands with my art & de-sign skills entwined. From there, everything has been a colourful roll, filled with people, travel, extreme sports and Art, living & visiting many countries. I spent 10 years based in Bali, Indonesia. Surfing mainly & began changing people's lives coaching x-sports in the ocean as an unexpected twist, visited many other parts of Asia & carried on painting including live shows, all before moving to Ibiza, Spain as my home, to explore & open yet unknown doors. Here I'm surrounded by vibrant colour, nature, people & water as another paradise of inspiration and flavour to continue my passion of painting & releasing glimpses of my art to the World.

Martina Viesti
Luca Soulos


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