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Dangers Ahead
Kristina Vanous

Dangers Ahead



Title: Dangers Ahead
Year: 2010
Size: 45.72x60.96 cm
Technique: charcoal under-layer and Prismacolor chalk pastels on Canson paper.
Print available on Giclee on Hahnemuehle German Etching 310gsm Art Paper. Limited edition (of 150).

Most mermaids are depicted in traditional art as enchanting and beautiful, but given the mixed nature of their stories, Dangers Ahead is an exploration into the darker depths of siren mythology. Contrary to her sister (Hearts Desire), she would be a frightful sight to anyone crossing her path. But is she all that she seems? Her pale, deep sea skin glistens in the reflective light, suggesting a rather reclusive nature. She wears the battle scars of many underwater fights. Or perhaps they are poorly-healed scars from a fishing spear… she seems unconcerned by the small crab hitching a ride in her tentacle-like tendrils. Is this siren merely an evolutionary product of rough seas and a defensive nature within an underwater world full of predators, or is she a venomous creature with an entirely different agenda?

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