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The Great Canine Caravan
Jason Michael Rielly

The Great Canine Caravan



Title: The Great Canine Caravan
Year: 2021
Size: 40.64x50.8 cm
Technique: mixed media on canvas (high gloss acrylic, chalk/acrylic marker) - framed


The Great Canine Caravan is a communication, through the abstract, using emotion and expression, that aims to create a spectacle, a grand event that is being captured in the composition. It is affirming the reality, that in the alternative world of creative expression, again through expressionism, that it is in fact possible for a giant blue canine to take the inhabitants of a contained space, dimension, and location, and transform their livelihood for a better existence. The composition is meant to be playful, but very serious in it's con-veyance of detail and color. In sum, it is conceptually driven by a light-hearted, but expan-sive and raw imaginative sense of reality and existence.

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