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A cosmic birth or Sandman's closing time
Katja Tomzig

A cosmic birth or Sandman's closing time



Title: A cosmic birth or Sandman's closing time
Year: 2022
Size: 72x52 cm
Technique: Watercolour paint and pencil on Fabriano handmade paper

"Here I immediately recognised the wonderful body of the Sandman in the blob and was really pleased about it! I have had a very special connection with the Sandman for a very long time: When I was a child, I could only fall asleep very late, which of course always caused a lot of trouble. Every evening, ten minutes before seven, the "Evening Greetings" for children came on TV. The sandman came in constantly changing vehicles and visited a family. There, everyone watched a short film for children together, then the sandman scattered his sleeping sand, whereupon everyone was immediately tired (except me). And then when everyone was in bed, the sandman drove away again and the best thing was: no one knew where and what he was doing then. I liked that so much that my first career wish was to be a sandman. Because I thought to myself that he was already old and when I got out of school he would surely retire.
What can I say? He is still there and I paint pictures.”

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