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Katja Tomzig

Katja Tomzig



Katja Tomzig is born in 1975 in Dresden, Germany. In 2010 she moved to Cologne, Germany and in summer 2021 returned to Dresden. From 1993 to 1995 she studied art and German language and literature at the University of Dresden. In the following 20 years she worked as a journalist, photographer, responsible for the public relations of a major event organiser, suffered two burn outs. After that, in March 2017, she completed her studies in painting at the Freie Kunstschule Köln (Cologne School of Fine Arts) and subsequently completed a master class with headmaster Alexander Rudy. In autumn 2018, she founded the group of freelance artists “Kunst für Menschen“ (Art for People) in Cologne. From April 2018 to September 2019, she studied old master painting with Michael Hutter, Ivan P. Dimov and Guil Zekri at the Fine Art Academy Cologne, in addition to courses with international artists.
Since March 2019 she is active as a freelance artist with her series of paintings "Facets of Creation” and since autumn 2019 she’s represented in Cologne by Galerie KARAK, taking part in international solo and group exhibitions.

Katja’s series of paintings “Facets of Creation”, in addition to all the fantastic creatures and sceneries, it is intended to bring joy, light and love into the lives of its viewers. The basis for each of her paintings is an uncontrolled blob of colour, in which the scene revealed to her that is finally to be seen in the finished painting. Particularly precious moments for Katja are the shared reflections and exchanges with other people, as everyone discovers something different. Since 2019, she has been painting only with water-soluble paints, synthetic brushes and coloured and watercolour pencils on paper and cardboard: she has turned away from oil and acrylic painting because she says she does not want to cause/support animal suffering with her work, nor do she wants to put additional strain on our drinking water.


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