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Vera Alexandrov




Title: Beautiful
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 24x36x1cm
Technical: Acrylic

Beautiful is a bouquet made up of flowers which I grow in my garden

The artwork "Beautiful" by Vera Alexandrov captures attention with its enchanting and dreamlike representation of a bouquet of flowers in soft colors. The artist manages to convey a sense of delicacy and lightness through the swift and fluid lines that compose the subject. The use of soft colors creates a dreamy and romantic atmosphere, while the sharp details in certain parts of the artwork contrast with the blurred areas, giving a sense of depth and mystery. This interplay of sharpness and blur creates a captivating visual effect that invites the viewer to explore the artwork more attentively.The figurative subject, depicted by the bouquet of flowers, harmoniously blends with the dreamlike atmosphere of the artwork. The flowers are rendered with care and detail, showcasing the artist's mastery in portraying the beauty of nature. The choice of soft colors contributes to creating a sense of tranquility and serenity, bestowing an aura of delicacy and poetry upon the artwork. The blurred and celestial-toned background adds an element of mystery and enchantment. Being unidentifiable, the background invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a timeless atmosphere where the flowers emerge as the absolute protagonists. Overall, "Beautiful" is an artwork that captivates the gaze and imagination of the viewer. Vera Alexandrov demonstrates technical mastery and talent in creating a piece that evokes feelings of beauty, tranquility, and magic. Through its dreamlike representation and skillful use of colors and shades, the artist successfully conveys an exciting and engaging visual experience.

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