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Virginia Van Gaalen

Virginia Van Gaalen



Born in Australia graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree, Virginia has travelled
extensively throughout Asia and has recently moved to Europe. She has exhibited in
Australia, Philippines, Malaysia and recently in the Tekne exhibition at the Azure gallery
in Madrid, the Fusion Arts Fair in Bucharest and the Contemporary Art Fair in Monaco.
As someone who lives internationally my artwork is quite diverse and influenced by the
country in which I live. I immerse myself in the environment, walking, taking photos,
collecting things and drawing before I begin. I call this my ‘incubation period’. I seek an
emotional and metaphysical attachment to my surroundings and I like to find it’s
nuances.I explored colour without limits, attempting to capture the energy of new life. My
brushwork was fluid and at times unexpected, expressing the almost animal-like
qualities of the lilies and orchids as they grew, tendrils reaching out as the plant
morphed in form and appearance. Lines and marks worked back into the wet paint map
and provide a record of this development and change, like memories or scarifications
that represent past experiences and forms that can no longer be seen.


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