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I walked through the fire
Sirpa Heponiemi

I walked through the fire



Title: I walked through the fire

Year: 2021

Size: 46x55x2cm

Technique: Acrylic painting on stretched canvas on pine frame, sketched with markers.
Includes uneven surfaces. Ink wash technique added on top of the acrylics. The artwork is not framed.

This piece is very personal and packed with emotions. It is my story. My life changed dramatically when I became temporarily disabled to walk, talk or to control my body. I had to give up also art be-cause I could not even hold a pen. Finding the diagnose took a long time. Then I truly walked through the fire. But thanks to medicine, I can paint again, and I do it with such joy!
In this painting I have used masque pen to mark pieces of the face and after painting with acrylic I´ve removed the masque. This has leaved the surface uneven and formed scars to the face.
I admire Japanese sumi-e painting, the ink wash painting, where the ink is lightened with water. I of-ten think art as quite meditative process as I think ink painting also is. I have wanted to give this paint-ing dramatic outcome with ink and tell the story about a battle, that leaves you scarred, but still beauti-ful. The vivid colours represent the beauty of the soul.

All these artworks are photographed before adding the varnish.
These pieces are varnished to protect the surface. The surface will be matte.

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